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Corporate Philosophy
Up to now, and from now.
For Health and Taste.

Francois' Aim

To make healthy and delicious bread, which leaves a deep impression with our customers.

Further to our aim, we wish to deliver something safe and healthy for the body in a fresh state, while pursuing to create new appealing products.

Corporate Philosophy

- To be a company that makes healthy and delicious bread, and makes a good impression on customers.
- To be a company that pursues without limit the safety, security, health and taste.
- To be a company in which honesty, dependability and trust are important.

Management Philosophy

- To be a company that runs initiatives to promote innovation at its soul.
- To be a company while it develops and grows, can overcome problems with speed and decisiveness.
- To be a company that respects the individuality and ideas of each individual and have a strong sense of ethics.