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Corporate Philosophy
Up to now, and from now.
For Health and Taste.

Greetings from the President

Since the formation of Francois, a variety of products have been created which I think say, "Healthy and delicious bread like no other".
Such representative products which were made using only natural ingredients are the Naturel, and the Slow Bread Series.

It makes us proud to know that we are able to contribute to society through our products, and we will act in line with compliance together as members of society. Our aim for our workplace is to be a place where we respect the personality and ideas of each other, workers not be bound by gender, age, occupation, or job title, but to be treated fairly and to allow independence.

Our endless challenge is to be "a company that is desired in society". In order to pursue our corporate philosophy of "safety,
security, health and taste", we will continue to evolve.

President and CEO Hitoshi Sugihara